love in may luna headband

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love in may luna headband

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These are handmade on a flexible headband with a ribbon finish to assure comfort all day. We love these headbands because they are the easiest to put on + style for an everyday wear!

Style Details:

Our Luna Hard Headbands are made to be worn. They are durable, sturdy + comfortable. The shape of these hard headbands are perfect for all head shapes + are made to sit slightly above the back of the ear for as little pressure as possible. With any headband, you might need to move the placement through the day to avoid any headaches, but you can definitely wear these Luna Headbands all day long! 

There are variations in what style you can get!

:The classic Knot is a knotted detail at the top of the headband with the hard headband being exposed on the inside. 

:The regular scrunch is a fully covered + clean detailed piece, The scrunch is perfect for all of our minimal babes who just want a cute accessory to pull your hair back or add just a pop to an outfit.