love in may daydreamer scarf
love in may daydreamer scarf

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love in may daydreamer scarf

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We designed our daydreamer scarf to be as versatile as possible. It is the perfect length to go around your head + neck. If the tails are longer than you like, simply tie another knot to shorten it! It has slightly angled ends + no visible seams on the tails for a clean finish. The materials vary, but are carefully picked to be just right. Give the Daydreamer a try, it won’t disappoint. 

:5 Ways to Wear a Daydreamer Scarf:

1} In your hair! {endless ways to style it}

2} Around your neck as a scarf 

3} Tied onto the handle of your purse or backpack 

4} Looped through your two front belt loops into a bow 

5} As a headband